A Poem About A Song For Peace

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Since the equinox, I have been taking time where I can to find the balance and peace in my life despite the pandemic which continues to challenge us all. This is where a poem about a song for peace stemmed from.

One beautiful autumn morning I snuck away early heading for the oak forests of Glengarriff.  My first call was to  Kloe & Adam, the Two Green Shoots who run the Garden of Re-imagination who were hosting one of their garden tours and feasts in aid of Bantry Bay- Help our Native Kelp Forests! After a delicious turmeric latte and cake and a very enjoyable tour, it was time to find solitude in the woods.

A Poem about a Song for Peace

I felt a medicine song coming and it came out first as a poem.

A poem about a song for peace - feather on the forest floor


‘It’s time for peace.
Time to stop fighting against.
Time to flow towards
Love & well being’



You can listen here:

And here is the medicine song.  May all beings be happy. ♥

I also recently created another recording to help restore calm in these challenging times. You can find that here.

Our Spiritual Practises are very important at this time

Our spiritual practises are very important at this time to keep us centred. Sound can be a great way to keep us grounded and help us to feel calm in the midst of fear and uncertainty.  I have many sound healing videos on my youtube channel and also some of my songs and poems. I invite you to check them out. I have created a short playlist of a few recordings which maybe particularly helpful at this time.  Sound Healing Self-care During Lockdown


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