Embodying the Trickster Archetype!


I love Lewis Barfoot’s Embodied Archetype workshops. I’ve done quite a few now and when presented with the opportunity to try on the Trickster or Holy Fool on April Fool’s Day, I signed up on the spot.

I went along smiling, my mask saying ‘ah sure it’s great fun’ but actually inside I felt shy and a bit embarrassed. Lewis quickly worked her magic putting us all at ease and off we went on an amazing inner journey while also sharing our findings with others.

I discovered my inner trickster is deadly serious about the importance of embodying the fool and remembering to play.

Through movement we eased out of our heads and into our play bodies. I found strength, flexibility, creativity and resilience. The whole experience was so empowering!

This is a poem that expresses how I felt as I moved through both the light and shadow aspects of the trickster archetype.

I love this type of work that runs so deep and yet is fun too. Trying on different archetypes and seeing how we can use them in our lives is fascinating. Can’t wait for the next one!

Lewis runs in person and online offerings. You can check her out here:



Picture of 'Children' card from Messages from Messages from the fairies Oracle Card deck by Doreen Virtue. A little girl with butterfly wings looks up at the sky

Photo credit: Lewis Barfoot