Winter Solstice

by | Dec 13, 2018 | Poetry | 0 comments


Light fades
silhouetting a sea of conifers
against blue, purple and peach.
Black branches soak up the colour,
alive in the sensation of dusk.

Winter strips us back
to the feelings we have inside.
Makes us witness those dull aches,
usually glossed over.
They bring the sky closer.

We walk silently to the circle.
full of intention,
the stone walls even more
delicate and purposeful.

Lou guides us in meditation and
I feel tingles
as if there is happiness
that we are doing things
this way.

We remember our loved ones
passed and our ancestors.
Then sounding freely,
together we weave a beautiful song
rich in harmony.

I feel our voices
reaching out,
connecting us.
for the New Year.


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