Sound Healing

The Healing Power of Sound

I offer one to sound healing and retreats in west Cork and online.

I invite you to join me . Take some time out for yourself, to relax and be in nature. Allow the healing sounds to flow through you so you can connect deeply to yourself and feel hope and peace.

Using the simple, yet powerful energy of sound I help you achieve a state of calm and inner peace so you can be present in the moment and flow with life.

My Sound Healing Offerings

  • One to One Sound Healing
  • Private Sound Baths for 1-4 People
  • Monthly Online Sound Baths
  • Sound Healing Retreats

What is involved?

I provide the loving care, safe space and structure to help you explore an alternative way of healing physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually.

In my sessions, I take you on a journey using my voice and instruments to cut through the mind chatter and help lead you to a place where you can feel calm and safe and rested. From this place you can let go of stress, pain and resistance and you are free to explore new possibilities of being.

What Customers Have Said

I love Claire’s Sound Bath’s. I am transported into an amazing state of calm, ease and bliss! I listen to the replays on nights when I am not sleeping, and wake feeling amazing. Thank you for sharing your gifts Claire!

Pam Rennie


The power of this work took me by surprise! Sound healing with Claire is like getting an internal massage that comes with all kinds of insights. My sessions with Claire have brought peace to a particular situation in my life. I highly recommend Claire Barton if you’re looking for a deep shift in your life

Jaimsyne Blakely


The Experience

If you have never experienced sound healing before, try listening to one of my sound healing videos on YouTube. This 7 minute audio can help you relax and ground yourself which is really helpful to do whenever you feel stressed or off centre.

I offer one to one sound healing treatments  in my home treatment room at “Shearwater Cottage” as well as online for clients around the world. 

During the year, I run regular sound baths  and workshops for groups both  in west Cork and online.   

When you come to Long strand, you are already in a beautiful place in nature and you are encouraged to take a walk afterwards so you can integrate your session.   We have a self-catering studio ‘Shearwater Chalet’ on Airbnb, so it is possible to create your own private retreat and have more of an immersive experience spending time  in nature and integrating the healing from the sound healing treatment. I love holding private retreats for individuals and couples.  

Important: Please read our Sound Healing Covid Policy before attending a session.

What is Sound Healing

‘Sound Healing’ What is it anyway?

Tell someone  that you are a sound healer, and the first question is usually ‘What’s that?‘

Sound healing is  a treatment that has been used throughout the ages as a means of bringing health and vitality back into the body, mind and spirit.  It uses pure sounds that the human voice or instruments such as the gong or himalayan singing bowl produce, to create a resonance in the body that calms the nervous sytem and  lowers blood presssure, thereby boosting the immune system.

As a sound healing practitioner, I help my clients achieve a state of calm and inner peace using the simple, yet powerful energy of sound.  A sound healing treatment is a wonderful self-care tool. Sometimes we just need to take a break, to step out of the busyness of our lives and take some time for ourselves.  Maybe we are stressed or anxious or have a major life event such as illness, breakup or bereavement. Sound healing can help by providing a clear space to quiet your mind and assess where you are  while the angel card readings also offer gentle guidance. Afterwards you may feel like you have greater clarity and focus and that you sleep better.  

After spending a weekend offering mini sessions at the Mind Body Experience, I wrote a blog post about what the people of Cork had to say about sound healing: What does Sounding Healing Do?

In this video, I talk to Rose Diamond of Tribe in Transition about sound healing and also give a demonstration.

Complimentary Clarity Call

If you want to learn more about working with me, you can book a complimentary Clarity Call below.

What I Offer


One To One Sound Healing Treatments

I offer 1-1 sound healing sessions in my cosy home treatment room at ‘Shearwater Cottage’. I primarily use my voice but I also have a range of instruments such as gong, singing bowls and chimes which I weave into the session. It’s difficult to describe sound healing because it’s very experiential.

For the sound healing, you lie on a treatment table while I sing and play my instruments for you. If you have mobility issues or special needs, I can adapt the session to suit. Many people find it very relaxing and often doze off during the session. They still get the healing effects and it can actually take your body a couple of days afterwards to integrate the effects of the sounds.

One of the special qualities of sound healing is that it goes beyond the conscious mind and doesn’t require someone to talk about whatever is going on for them if they don’t want to.  There is no belief required just an openness to trying something new.

I like to combine sound healing with angel card readings and I also use Reiki energy during my sessions to enhance healing and relaxation. A typical session lasts 1 1/2-2 hours and involves a combination of sound healing and angel card readings

I also work with mothers who have had miscarriages or whose babies have died. Click here for more information.

Sound healing works very effectively online, and I love connecting with people all around the world. If you are interested in finding out more, you can book a complimentary 20 minute clarity call with me and I’d love to answer your questions.

Complimentary Clarity Call

If you want to learn more about working with me, you can book a complimentary Clarity Call below.

Sound Healing Testimonials:

‘I highly recommend Claire Barton if you’re looking for a deep shift in your life, desire to get unstuck, or feel the calling to bring more of YOU to the world! The power of Claire’s Sound Healing work took me by surprise! Part of that is Claire herself, a shiny-illuminated, wise soul, whose entire being is like a giant hug of light, the other part is her intuitive ability & the sound of her gorgeous voice (and multiple musical instruments) to shift and transform you. Sound healing with Claire is like getting an internal massage that comes with all kinds of insights. It’s a gentle process, and the results are vast. My sessions with Claire have brought peace to a particular situation in my life.’

Jaimsyne Blakely, L.A. U.S.A.

‘Thank you Claire Barton for the wonderful sound healing and angel card reading! Within the first few minutes I already felt like my ‘sphere’ cracked open and suddenly I am feeling more free in this open universe where energy flows freely. Lots of yawning to let go of so much fatigue accumulated over the years and especially since giving birth to my third baby. It’s also beautiful listening to your speaking voice (it’s so melodious!) describe the angel card reading and I love that as a mom too you understand so perfectly what I am going through right now and how powerless it can feel like during the first few months of caring for my baby. I had no idea how including my baby in my videos could be inspiring for others as well. Love the repeated message on the importance of Relaxation as well and how it is also linked to my weight’.

Bingz Huang, Singapore

I am so pleased to have taken up Claire’s sound healing sessions. On my first session, I felt a sense of relief, happiness and calm. Claire’s therapy, and I understand it varies from person to person, has had interesting effects that I have charted over the last year: I have a keener sense of hearing, that is, my ears seem more attuned to the pleasant sonority of nature and music that was perhaps lacking before, this is a pleasing side-effect! I find after a session my posture is more relaxed, less tense around the shoulders, jaw and neck and my thoughts are less jangly, especially in times of stress. Another benefit I have noted is that when I run I hold a less rigid upper body posture and my arm movement is fluid and less ‘blocked’. The pleasure of a therapy session, warmed by a little wood-fire stove and the sound instruments that Claire skilfully integrates with her voice and sometimes angel card readings, is often enhanced by the sound of the nearby sea and, on occasion, a blackbird or robin chiming in from the nearby hedgerow. I would recommend this therapy to anyone – and I have never been a ‘therapy’ person! 

Phoebe K., Cork

‘I had two sound healing sessions with Claire during a time when I was feeling highly stressed and anxious. My sessions with Claire gave me a space to access deep relaxation through her gentle and creative approach of combining voice and sound within a truly multi-sensory experience. Claire is tapping in to so much energy in the universe, and has such wisdom and insight which she gleans from so many levels. The sound healing sessions gave me a space to just be, during a time when I found that very difficult. Words cannot truly reflect what Claire offers, and so I would highly recommend that you experience it yourself’.

Mary B., West Cork

‘Before going to Claire’s sessions I felt a bit unclear. Tuned out on how I was really feeling, a lack of clarity.  I had 7 sessions with Claire and I felt a lot more focused on myself after the sessions, more aware of how I’m feeling and where I feel I’m at in the grander scheme of my life. Absolutely a lot more grounded. These sessions really grounded me.  I feel so grateful for how intuitive Claire is. Each session was just what I needed and in retrospect it was a journey of deepening. I really felt myself opening up in this time and that I was being held in a really supportive space to do that. I felt l was in a very sacred and safe space to be able to really look at my life, where I was and how I was feeling on a very real level and Claire guided that beautifully, in such a supportive and nurturing way that was so intuitive’.

D.D., Cork

After being  diagnosed with breast cancer in January, I started to have sessions with Claire to help me through this difficult time. Initially to focus on stress and fear of hospital visits, and the build up to the operation. I found Claire’s sound healing helped on so many levels, the deep meditation, the sounds of her beautiful voice and the healing tools. She is completely present with you throughout the session, and it is a wonderful safe environment to be yourself in. I would highly recommend her as I believe she helped me enormously and has a great gift to share.’

Angie, West Cork

‘It is hard to put into words the transcending quality of Claire’s sound healing work. I will try, but words are not good to describe what receiving her Sound Healing really is. Our session happened to coincide with a crucial family meeting abroad that I could not attend. This required the best energy at the start, to move the process towards a peaceful resolution for the benefit of all parties involved. Claire listened to my first description and indicated the need for a clearing of ancestral patterns and an overall harmonizing of past occurences. She started the process, first by bringing in a message. Then Sound Healing began, and for one hour, I received a truly amazing bathing of healing, with the most beautiful voice and instrumental sounds, in ways that made me feel transported to higher dimensions where I was being deeply healed, and so was all this family situation. This has been profoundly relaxing and harmonizing. Claire’s work happens at higher spheres, and certainly brings these higher sphere healing energies into our very cells and bones. Results: the family situation is evolving really well! I can’t wait to listen again to the recording of this deeply blessing sound healing session and keep thinking I want more… My deepest gratitude, Claire for this work of Higher Spheres that you bring into this world.’

Ruth, Santa Rosa, California, U.S

Sound Baths

A sound bath is a sound healing session for a group of people. It’s a bit like going to a yoga session in that you can bring your yoga mat and you will be lying down during the sound bath. You are welcome to bring blankets and pillows to make yourself cosy.

It is a very relaxing therapy. I use my voice and a variety of sacred instruments, including gong and singing bowls to balance the chakras. There is also a medicine song for the group.

I offer sound baths in west Cork and also online using Zoom. I also offer private sound baths for 2 people in my home treatment room.  

Here is a sample sound bath. You can listen to more of my sound healing on youtube.  I also have sound bath recordings available for sale as mp3 downloads in my shop.

 Sound Bath Testimonials:

 “I LOVED the sound bath on Friday! The combination of your intention setting using cards, your clear and beautiful singing voice, the various sounds you  generate using different items, and the spaces of silence was wonderful. I truly appreciated being part of this event LIVE and greatly look forward to the next one!”

Scott Walker, Banff, Alberta, Canada.

“I love Claire’s sound baths. Each one I have been to has a different flavor and it’s a wonderful way to unwind, relax and receive the beautiful healing sounds”. 

Lisa B., Clonakilty, West Cork.

“Claire’s sound baths are such a special treat. It’s always exciting anticipating the wide variety of sounds and instruments she will use. Even though I’d been to a few similar sessions before Claire’s, I didn’t expect to feel so deeply affected by the sessions. There’s usually a mixture of gentle and intense sound which leaves me feeling profoundly soothed and relaxed at the end. It’s a deeply rejuvenating experience. Claire herself is so gentle and attentive you really feel like you’ve had a good pampering by the time you leave. I recommend it highly”.

Samira Branch, Clonakilty, West Cork

“I floated out of Relaxing sound bath last Friday evening after a couple of hours of being transported to a blissful state through the voice and instruments of Claire Marie Barton. It was simply beautiful  “

Olive Walsh, Clonakilty, West Cork.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all workshops are suspended at the moment.  If you are interested in hearing about upcoming workshops please subscribe to my newsletter to be kept up to date.

Important: Please read our Sound Healing Covid Policy before attending a session.