What do mother’s need to know about self-care for their highest good?

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As I rush around heading for inevitable overwhelm (again!) I found this reading I did a couple of years ago.  Using Steven Farmer’s ‘Earth Magic’ deck I asked  the question
‘What do mother’s need to know about self-care for their highest good?’  It’s  been a good reminder for me so thought I would share it with you. 

I picked 3 cards
#1 to represent the current situation
#2 obstacles to self-care
#3 steps to take

#1  Volcano-Volatility

Mothers today are under enormous pressure and are at breaking point.  The different strands of fire inside the volcano show all the different directions they are being pulled in.  Mums can only take so much before they explode.  Then there is fall out- rocks are hurled.  It goes almost without saying, that there is a lack of self-care going on!

#2 Lake-Stillness

So what are the obstacles?  There isn’t enough time for stillness- to reflect on our lives, to process what’s going on for us, to have time just to be, to go within, to connect with our core.  To do no-thing.  We are constantly busy…

#3 Green Man-Synergy

So what can we do?  This card is full of greenery.  The green man is associated with trees.  This card is an invitation to spend time in nature.  You don’t have to head off into the wilds- you just need to get outside into the fresh air and head to the nearest patch of greenery. This can be your garden, local park, woods, beach- whatever you have time for.  Frequent short walks can be very nourishing and have a synergistic effect i.e. you will feel much better for doing it than you would expect from doing such a small thing.  When you spend time outside in nature (without being on your phone 😉 ) you can experience stillness and then you will be able to move through your life with greater ease.

It’s important to prioritise this time on your own even if it’s only for 10 or 20 minutes.  If you have small children and no-one to cover for you or you just can’t get out of the house, open the door or window and take 3 deep breaths while looking at a plant or tree.

Right I’m off down the beach for 20 minutes to breathe and listen to mantras.  Let me know how you get on!

Love and blessings


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