What does sound healing do? What people at Cork Mind Body Experience said…..

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Last weekend I went to my first holistic fair as a sound healer. The Cork Mind Body Experience was on in the City Hall and had over a hundred exhibitors. For me the best bit was the lovely people I met over the weekend and I got some great reactions to the gong.

P. had a mini session on Saturday and said he found it very relaxing. I bumped into him again on Sunday and he told me how relaxed and calm he had felt all evening. He had been working the night before as a bouncer and had been called all kinds of names and it didn’t affect him at all. He admitted to have been very sceptical about sound healing but now thinks it’s great and was encouraging others to come over to try it out.

R. was a fellow stall holder and came over because her energy was low and she wanted a little boost. she left smiling with a bounce in her step.

A. had just a short taster session but had a huge shift. She said she felt the gong resonate in her heart and felt waves of energy moving through her.

Another lady emerged smiling from her session. She said the gong was amazing and described feeling as if her cells were dancing inside. She felt great and her eyes were sparkling.

I could see the difference in people’s eyes before and after the sessions. People who had started out looking tired, worried and stressed all looked calmer afterwards and left smiling. One lady said she felt much lighter afterwards.

N. had a very powerful session that included some healing with the land she is connected with.

What people experience in a session varies as with anything. What’s important is that everyone gets what they need based on what they are ready for in that moment. At the start of each session, I offer a prayer that the healing sounds flow through me for the person’s highest good.

The gong slows down your brainwaves to Delta and this is very good for your immune system and so can boost your health. It is also very relaxing and great for stopping the mind chatter.

I sang a medicine song for L. and felt I was helping to connect her back to her ethnic background. In my work I see a lot of family/ancestral themes coming up for healing. Sometimes the issues we struggle with are not just ours, they are inherited. When we work on ourselves it also helps our family and the healing goes backwards in time to our ancestors as well forwards to future generations.

A mum with 2 boys of similar age to mine (9 & 12) came for a taster gong session. At the start the older boy was eyeing me very suspiciously and his foot was tapping away. After a few minutes he started to relax and was totally still for the rest of the session. Mum was pleased to be able to sit down and relax and the boys gave the thumbs up afterwards which was the real test!

An older lady who purposefully does not do email or have a smart phone came for a session. When she opened her eyes they were shining. ‘Gorgeous, just gorgeous’ she said. It was her first experience of sound healing and she loved it.

On Saturday evening I gave a talk called ‘Journey through Sound’. It combined sound healing and readings from my book ‘Letting Go a Mother’s Healing Journey Through Diaries, Poetry and Song’. This was my first time doing this and it felt great to be integrating these aspects of what I do. I got lovely feedback too so I was delighted.

Overall had a great weekend. The fair was very well organised and there were loads of free talks and workshops and yoga classes for the public. Freddy was extremely helpful with any queries I had. The other stall holders were very friendly and supportive and it was great to be stationed next to my friends Macha Shewolf and Lucasz who were showcasing their impressive range of healing and tatooing services and were creating beautiful sacred music too.

The food was fab. On Saturday I had delicious Ethiopian curry and Sunday I went for the asian curry. At Gem’s Coffee stall, I had tasty chai lattes and was delighted to find Deirdre and Martin’s amazing spelt chocolate chip cookies from Rosscarbery so I felt right at home.

I so enjoyed meeting everyone who had sessions, came to my talk or came over for a chat! Thank you all so much!


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