Adjusting to life during COVID-19 and some resources for calm

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I’m sitting in the morning sunshine oustside our airbnb chalet, loooking up at a bright blue sky with a smattering of white wispy clouds.  The tulips my friend Sal helped me plant last year are in full bloom. Tara cat is sunbathing next to me. The birds are singing and there is a gentle breeze but otherwise there is stillness.  Even here the lack of traffic is noticeable. Inside Col & the kids are all working quietly at the kitchen table.

Almost a month ago (although it definitely  feels longer), I attended a conference organised by the Local Enterprise Board to celebrate International Womens’ Day. There was hand sanitiser and we were advised not to hug or shake hands.  Now we wouldn’t even dream of indulging in such risky behaviour! 

 Afterwards I was full of inspiration and went for a walk along the cliffs and visited the secret beach where I recorded a chakra balancing session in a cave and also a mediicine song realising we were in rapidly changing times.

Everything escalated and uncertainty was the only thing we could be sure of.  This is still true and yet life is always uncertain except we are usually too busy to realise it.  I have been enjoying the opportunity to pause and take stock. Sometimes it feels like there is alwasy just too much to do and it’s easy to lose sight of what’s important.  Having the world come to a sudden standstill really helps to crystalise what is important. For me this has been an amazing time to have quality time as a family. We have been cycling with the kids most days and enjoying spending time outside in nature.   

I know that everyone is not so lucky and it is a tough time for our elderly and other vulnerable members of society who are being cocooned and must stay home.  it’s heartening to see all the virutal connectivity despite the social distancing. I think ithis pandemic is bringing us all together and breaking down barriers.

Our Spiritiual Practises are very important at this time

Our spiritual practises are very important at this time to keep us centred. Sound can be a great way to keep us grounded and help us to feel calm in the midst of the fear and uncertainty.  I have many sound healing videos on my youtube channel and also some of my songs and poems. I invite you to check them out. I have created a short playlist  of a few recordings which maybe particulalry helpful at this time.  Sound Healing Self-care During Lockdown

Medicine Song for Changing Times-Corona Virus Lockdown




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