Full Moon on Samhain – An Oracle Card Reading

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Tonight is the full moon, sometimes known as hunters moon.  All over the world, the full moon has been used as an ancient form of timekeeping with each month’s moon named according to the seasons, weather conditions or traditions. It is also the Celtic Festival of Samhain or Halloween, all souls night, a festival of remembrance.  

In the Celtic tradition, Samhain is the cross-quarter festival signalling the end of autumn and the beginning of winter.  It’s a time to reflect and rest.  A time to connect with our ancestors and loved ones who have passed on and ask for guidance on our spiritual path.

‘I am tomorrow’s ancestor

the future of yesterday

and what I am

in the here and now

goes rippling out 

All ways

Goes rippling out


– Brian Boothby 

Oracle Card Reading

Tonight’s full moon is special because it is the first to fall on Samhain since 1955 and won’t happen again for another 2 decades.  It’s also the second full moon of the month making it a blue moon as well.

I picked a couple of cards to guide us through this time.  In Ireland, we are in the middle of a second lock-down and globally we are in a time of unprecedented uncertainty.   These cards are from Stephen Farmer’s Earth Magic Oracle Card Deck.

Oracle Cards for Samhain

The first card is Forest- Breath. 

The gift of the trees is to purify our air, taking in C02 and releasing O2.  They provide a sense of calm and comfort.  One of the few things we are allowed to do at the moment is to go outside walking.  This is actually ideal because once we are out in nature we can connect to ourselves more deeply and put things in perspective. 

The birds flying around grab my attention.  They look like terns, summer visitors to Ireland. They are small, light, and very agile and graceful on the wing.  Arctic terns are famous for their migration between the Antarctic and the Arctic travelling a distance of  19,000 km each time

While they are sometimes found inland, terns would mostly be a seabird so my first thought when seeing them here is that they are out of their realm and we are all a bit like that at the moment. Terns are small yet highly capable and can be an inspiration for us if we are feeling overwhelmed or out of control

In the forest, there are shadows and we see evidence of autumn too but the eye is drawn to the bright green centre- full of promise and possibility.  The dark green tree in the centre looks like a shadow.  Reminds me of Pan and his card came up yesterday.  Pan is an ancient deity of nature and music and reminds us of the unseen support that is there for us now and always

The water in front is surrounded by purple flowers.  It can be an emotional time for us but the purple flowers show the spiritual aspects of what is going on for us at the moment and the lessons we can learn.

We always have a choice and here we are encouraged to go back to the breath.  How do we accept what is and adapt to our current conditions?

When I looked at the booklet that comes with the deck, this part of the message seemed really relevant to us.  

‘Your breathing is too shallow although it may feel natural.  Breathe- inhale deeply regardless of your concerns, worries or problems, then let it go.  Next allow yourself to breathe a little deeper and slower a few times.  Remember each breath you inhale is a gift and every breath you exhale is a gift.  The forest is a clear reminder of how this works.’

The second card is Spring Equinox-Rebirth. 

Spring is a time of renewal and the woman in the picture is Ostara the goddess of Spring.  This card shows us the magic of nature in its cycle of life and death and transformation.

We are still in the time of change and waiting but we can look ahead to the time of rebirth that is coming.  

The words in the booklet give us hope:

‘You thought this passage you have been through would never end.  Just as certain the light of the world fades every few months, it makes its return, and the Earth rejoices.  The fresh breath of spring sweeps away the cobwebs acquired from the absence of the light.  The light is now obviously increasing as Nature begins to emerge in all her many forms, shapes and colours that reminds us of the continual cycles of Earth Mother.

This cycle of rebirth you are experiencing follows a considerably challenging time.  Any tears you may have shed have cleared the way for what has been gestating which is now ripe and ready to emerge.  That which no longer serves your needs to be put to rest so that freshness and newness of spirit can make itself known to you.

Sometimes birth can be painful, particularly in that passage just before delivery, yet what emerges can be fresh and beautiful.  Be with the emergence of this next cycle with faith and grace’.

Sound Bath for Samhain

Last night I held an online sound bath to celebrate this Samhain full moon.  The energy was very strong and there was  a lot of clearing around the heart chakra.  Here is a taster from the sound bath.

If you would like to listen to the full 90 minutes, you can sign up on my website here

Love & blessings

Claire Marie xo


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