Five Tips to Beat the Pandemic Blues

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The media is full of Covid and with the numbers to back it, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and fearful.  Being in this state over a period of time can erode your sense of well-being and affect your mental health.  But what can we do when everything seems to be out of our control? Here are my five tips to beat the pandemic blues.

Five things you can do to increase your sense of well-being:

1. Limit your exposure to the ‘news’ to once a day whether you check the news feed on your phone, on the radio or you watch the 9’o’clock news on the telly. Tuning in multiple times a day creates stress and worry and doesn’t help anything.

2. Get outside every day for a walk so you get some exercise and some fresh air.  If you can get out in nature all the better.  Take some nice deep breaths and be really present. (Put your phone away). Notice the birds, the trees, flowers and clouds.  If you have limited mobility,  wrap up very warm and go and sit outside even for just a few minutes or sit by an open window if this is not possible. Going outside is magic for lifting gloom when you feel fenced in.  Listen to the sounds of nature; the wind, the birds, and the sea if you can get there and let them invigorate you.

3. Keep a gratitude diary.  Every day write down 5 things you are grateful for in your life.  They can be big or small, like gratitude for getting a call from a loved one or that you have a roof over your head, especially when it’s freezing outside.l  If you are feeling down, you can read your diary.  We really have a lot to be thankful for.

4. Have you a hobby or a project at home or in the garden that has been put on the long finger or do you want to learn something new?  Now is the time to do it.  January is a fantastic time to start new projects because there is a sense of shared momentum that we can tap into. If you have always wanted to learn an instrument but never got around to it, the ukulele is a great instrument for beginners and is lots of fun.  Enrollment will be opening again in March so you can keep an eye here for details.

5. Meditate or prayer daily.  If you find mediation hard, you might like to listen to some sound meditations.  Simply by listening you naturally enter a meditative state and in this place you can feel calm and at peace.

If you are curious, you are welcome to check out my youtube channel.  I have created a resource for coping with lockdown.  You can find that here.


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